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Pandas :3

Yes im of european descent, yes i have dreads. But dreads are my culture too, irish men had them i think. Everyone had dreads until combs were invented. Leave me alone :(

this picture is life
helloledame sent: My summer has been okay since I Have been traveling but I just don't want it to end b/c I don't want to do capstone n the school is so fuqq up if u don't do it u pay 250 for a class on how to do one

Same here! I’m building multiple robots all by myself and it’s gonna be a pain cuz my advisor is making us work separately


new workout where wolf is playing really loud a mile away and u need to run and shut it off

Petition to Kill Katy Perry’s Career





*constantly thanks god that marshalls va is a rapper*



[bae] honey come over

[zico] i cant im at the studio

[bae] im home alone ;)

[zico] and im at the studio


Because every day deserves a little something sweet.
In honor of National Cheesecake Day, on 7/30 and 7/31 you can get any slice at half price at The Cheesecake Factory!*
*One slice per guest.  Dine-in only.  Offer valid in US and Puerto Rico.